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Leon LeGant is a psychic clairvoyant by birth, training, and through years of professional experience.

Leon LeGant's Bio:

Leon LeGant has been a professional clairvoyant in private practice for over 30 years. Leon LeGant is a knowledgeable psychic clairvoyant reader with over thirty years in the profession. Leon creates a safe space for individuals to find their spiritual calling, recover from childhood pain and trauma, and operate from their own intuitive truth. An intercontinental voyager, Leon’s main office is in Las Vegas, Nevada..

Leon LeGant's Experience:

Leon LeGant's Education:

Leon LeGant's Interests & Activities:

Leon LeGant's recreations consist of swimming, free diving, science fiction, laughing, psychic phenomena, clairvoyant development, meditation training, paranormal experience, oceanic life, diving, reef keeping, trail running, jogging, weight training

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